Where do I get ice figure skates and what are the costs?

These days there are many ways to acquire figure skating equipment, but this falls into two main choices, local or internet supply.

We are one of the few outlets (in Auckland and Dunedin) which specialise in figure skating equipment and pride ourselves on the variety of quality equipment we can supply and offer a high level of service and commitment to finding a good match for the skater.

We will not knowingly sell items which do not come up to our high expectations and that of our customers. We carry a range of stock boots which customers are welcome to try before they buy, indeed we may order in boots specially for a customer with no guarantee of a sale.  We  take responsibilty to ensure a good fit with some room for growth in the case of younger skaters.

We will precision sharpen all blades sold and fit these to the boots.  We carry accessories such as guards, soakers and skating tights as well as a range of foot comfort products and impact absorbers/fall protection.

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