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Our philosophy - offer the most suitable equipment at a fair price.

Ian Robertson – Principal

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Specialist Skating was formed when supplies were not as easy to come by when Ian’s daughters were skating.

In the early 1990s Ian started to deal in blades then boots. Ian has been supplying boots and blades for all levels of skaters from beginners to Olympic champions for over twenty five years.

He has been the official sharpener at a number of ISU events and worked on ITV’s Dancing on Ice as skate technician for the first seven series prior to coming to New Zealand.

Ian tends to regard all skaters that he looks after as “his skaters”.

Darren Woodacre – Principal

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Darren Woodacre, Ian’s son-in-law, has worked with Specialist Skating both in New Zealand and in the UK for many years.

He has been involved in Ice Rink management and is a qualified “Ice man” to boot.

Darren is taking an increasing part in the running of Specialist Skating so has much to offer clients in the goods and services we offer.

Kim & Brynn Lewis – Associates

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The New Zealand ice skating scene connected Kim and Brynn Lewis in back in the 1990’s and they played key roles here in figure skating and ice hockey since.

Canadian-raised Kim spent her childhood training; living and breathing figure skating. Her passion then turned to coaching all figure skating disciplines and she has since been a recognised New Zealand figure skating coach of national and international competitors and champions.

However, Kim loves working with skaters of all ages, stages and ability. She has coached ice hockey skills and power skating and has even been known to play a few ice hockey tournaments.

In her various roles across the South Island, including Skate School Director in Christchurch, Kim has managed equipment selection, fitting and procurement for ice figure and hockey skaters.

Brynn’s love of ice hockey was seeded in his early 20’s and a trip to Canada helped him develop his skills and passion. A player and coach of many years, Brynn has discovered a passion for providing high quality blade fitting and sharpening services.

The Lewis’s are always finding ways to stay involved, to provide service to all skaters and to share their knowledge of the sports that are true to their hearts.

Nicki Holtz – Associate

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A relative late comer to the sport, Nicki had been a longtime fan of figure skating when she became involved in the sport at age 17 when Dunedin opened its first rink.

After one skate she was hooked, and there was no looking back. Competing for the Dunedin Ice Skating Club for 5 years, she also coached Kiwi Skate and a few private students. Taking a break only for secondary teacher training and during her first year as a teacher in Auckland, she soon made her way back to the rink where she competed as an adult and coached Kiwiskate at the Avondale rink.

After a break from skating while travelling and starting a family, Nicki was drawn once again to the rink when her daughter began to learn to skate in Avondale, and she was back coaching skate school, and then competing as an adult.

It was in 2013 that she met Ian while purchasing her new skates, and when she moved back to Dunedin with her family a year later, became involved in fitting skates for Specialist Skating for Dunedin skaters.

In addition to being a parent to a figure skater, coach and NZ Team Leader at international competitions, Nicki is also a Technical Specialist for figure skating competitions. The addiction has spread to her husband as well who is a figure skating judge.

Nicki is always striving to provide an honest service to skaters, ensuring skaters are in the right make and model boot and blade for their ability, progress, physique and budget, all while sharing knowledge of a sport which has been a passion for as long as she can remember.

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Looking After Figure Skaters for 25 Years

For the last twenty five years we have been looking after all levels of skaters from beginners to Olympic Champions and are trusted by coaches and indeed are more than happy to involve them in clients purchases.

Our long term relationships with manufacturers have been built up over many years which enables us to offer our clients excellent service.

We are proud to be the exclusive importer of Edea Ice Figure Skates into New Zealand and the only registered dealers for John Wilson and MK blades in the country.

We carry stock of serious equipment from a number of leading suppliers and know how to set it up.

Experience the difference

Over the years I have looked after skaters both amateur and professional including 3 past Olympic champions so can assure you of a top-quality sharpen.

I gained invaluable experience whilst working on the first seven series of Dancing on Ice with Torvill and Dean.

Working with ice skaters at all levels - About Us

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